Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Award

I am still floating on cloud nine!  Imagine my surprise when Ann from The Stampin' Schach gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Ann is a very talented stamper and her cards are always gorgeous.  She is an inspiration to me and I always enjoy going to her blog.  Be sure to stop by Ann's blog and leave her some love.

This award comes with some fun stipulations.  They are as follows:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
  2. Share 8 things about yourself.
  3. Forward it to bloggers that you have recently discoverd.
Here are eight facts about me ...
  1. I enjoy hiking with my family and dogs.
  2. I am scared of heights.
  3. My husband and I built our dream house in 2001/02.
  4. I like to watch Dancing With the Stars and American Idol.
  5. I have a china cabinet in my craft room full of stamps.  Need any?
  6. I LOVE shopping for craft supplies in either a catalog or store.  I'm not picky.
  7. I'm a military brat and have lived all along the east coast, Alaska, Okinawa, and Germany.
  8. My dream vacation would be going to Australia. 
Recently I was invited to participate in a Blog Group.  This was a new experience for me and through this I've met some incredible stampers.  I would like to pass this award on to all of them.

Be sure to check out the gals from Donna's Vintage Rose Blog Group.
I don't have a card to share today. I will tomorrow so be sure to check it out.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Mary Fish said...

Congrats, Miss Pam, on your award! I'm an American Idol junkie :) Hugs, M

The Mama Monkey said...

Aw, thanks Pam! We are a lot alike...even down to places we have lived! (Not to mention our addiction to rubbah!) How cool is that?

Donna Heber said...


Congrats on your award! You so deserve it. Thank you for selecting me to pass it onto. It's nice to get to know you even better.

KER said...

Pam...thanks so much...enjoyed your facts...i'll post the award on my blog soon...